Movies like 12 Angry Men you HAVE TO watch!

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The film “12 Angry Men” is a classic because of its riveting plot and furious courtroom action. If you like this film and are seeking more with comparable topics, plots, and performances, you have come to the correct spot.

Here, we’ll look at several more movies like 12 Angry Men, all of which will have you on the edge of your seat as they take you further into the realm of law, ethics, and humanity. If you are ready, let to be familiar with movies similar to 12 Angry Men.

Top 9 Movies like 12 Angry Men

If rewatching 12 Angry Men movie is not satisfying anymore and you need to see other stories that are happening in the American courts, here is a list of some of the great movies similar to 12 Angry Men that won’t let you down. We start with the most recent ones.

1. The Burial (2023)

The Burial (2023)

  • 2h 6min
  • Genres: Drama
  • Director: Maggie Betts
  • Writer: Doug Wright, Maggie Betts, Doug Wright
  • Stars: Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee Jones, Jurnee Smollett
  • Country: United States
  • Summary: Inspired by true events, a lawyer helps a funeral home owner save his family business from a corporate behemoth, exposing a complex web of race, power, and injustice.

This film was inspired by the 12v furious guy and based on a lawyer’s genuine story. Maggie Betts directed this excellent film, which stars Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee Jones, Jurnee Smollett, Alan Ruck, and Mamoudou Athie.

In this film, which is a fantastic movie like 12 Angry Men, funeral home owner Jeremiah Joseph O’Keefe faces financial trouble and must sell parts of his business. He makes a deal with a Loewen Group member but never follows through.

His young lawyer suspects a plot to take over his client’s company. This is a movie that keeps you going. Although not a classic, it will delight legal thriller fans.


2. Burning Days (2022)

Burning Days (2022)

  • 2h 9min
  • Genres: Drama, Thriller
  • Director: Emin Alper
  • Writer: Emin Alper
  • Stars: Selahattin Pasali, Ekin Koç, Erol Babaoglu
  • Country: Turkey, France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Croatia
  • Summary: Emre, a young prosecutor newly appointed to the small town of Yaniklar, finds himself being pulled into a political conflict during his first criminal investigation.

An Emin Alpher movie which is taking place in Yaniklar. It is about a prosecutor who unconsciously is involved in some political events during one of his first cases, which is about murder.

It is a Drama/Thriller film with gained the best actor award from the Golden Orange National Film Competition. This movie is the second film like 12 Angry Men in our list.


3. Argentina, 1985 (2022)

Argentina, 1985 (2022)

  • 2h 20min
  • Genres: Biography, Crime
  • Director: Santiago Mitre
  • Writer: Santiago Mitre, Mariano Llinás, Martín Mauregui
  • Stars: Ricardo Darín, Gina Mastronicola, Francisco Bertín
  • Country: Argentina, United Kingdom, United States
  • Summary: A team of lawyers takes on the heads of Argentina’s bloody military dictatorship during the 1980s in a battle against odds and a race against time.

Based on a true story that happened in 1985, Argentina with a democratic government after its last military dictatorship ended.

It shows how a prosecutor, a lawyer, and their young and inexperienced legal team risked to accuse the heads of Argentina’s military totalitarianism.

It is a film exploring prejudice and justice, a great example of a movie that is similar to 12 Angry Men film.


4. The Judge (2014)

The Judge (2014)

  • 2h 21min
  • Genres: Crime, Drama
  • Director: David Dobkin
  • Writer: Nick Schenk, Bill Dubuque, David Dobkin
  • Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga
  • Country: United States
  • Summary: Big-city lawyer Hank Palmer returns to his childhood home where his father, the town’s judge, is suspected of murder. Hank sets out to discover the truth; along the way he reconnects with his estranged family.

Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall, Leighton Meester, and Vera Farmiga are the actors in this top courtroom movie directed by David Dobkin.

Robert Downey Jr., a talented but tainted lawyer, returns to his hometown upon the unfortunate passing of his mother.

This homecoming renews some tensions between him and his father, Robert Duvall, who is openly opposed to his son’s morals on the job. The father is arrested for a reckless driving killing as the lawyer prepares to leave.

Despite his father’s protests, Hank takes up his father’s case.


5. The Sunset Limited (2011)

The Sunset Limited (2011)

  • 1h 31min
  • Genres: Drama
  • Director: Tommy Lee Jones
  • Writer: Cormac McCarthy, Cormac McCarthy
  • Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones
  • Country: United States
  • Summary: Through a chance encounter, two men of opposing ideologies deliberate spiritual, philosophical, and profound matters in a New York City apartment.

‘The Sunset Limited’ painfully delivers discourse. It covers a wide range of issues while staying focused on “Good” and “Bad” or “White” and “Black.”

Their conversation is solid, funny, and interesting despite their serious views. Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson represent two streams of human understanding that are complementary to existence.

Similar to “12 Angry Men,” there are fantastic exchanges from varied backgrounds and education styles. The jurors reflect religion, poverty, acquaintance, and happiness. Tommy Lee Jones directs, and Samuel L. Jackson co-stars. Both are leaders.


6. The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

  • 1h 58min
  • Genres: Crime, Drama
  • Director: Brad Furman
  • Writer: John Romano, Michael Connelly
  • Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe
  • Country: United States
  • Summary: A lawyer defending a wealthy man begins to believe his client is guilty of more than just one crime.

The other character-driven courtroom drama is The Lincoln Lawyer, which is based on “The Lincoln Lawyer novel” by Michael Connelly.

The plot is based on the numerous novels about Mickey Haller, who works in a chauffeur-driven Lincoln Town Car since he does not prefer to work in an office.

There is an assault case in which Haller is recruited to represent the son of a rich businesswoman. Details of the incident reveal unsettling parallels with a previous case, and Haller finds the two are linked.

The movie came out in March 2011, and it received mainly positive feedback as well as making $87 million.


7. Fracture (2007)

Fracture (2007)

  • 1h 53min
  • Genres: Crime, Drama
  • Director: Gregory Hoblit
  • Writer: Daniel Pyne, Glenn Gers, Daniel Pyne
  • Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, David Strathairn
  • Country: Germany, United States
  • Summary: An attorney intending on climbing the career ladder toward success finds an unlikely opponent in a manipulative criminal he is trying to prosecute.

Ryan Gosling plays a hotshot prosecutor who is about to leave his post for a rewarding job at a private law firm.

Meanwhile, David Strathairn, the boss, hands him an open-and-shut case. A person tried to headshot his wife and is defending himself in court.

Directed by Gregory Hoblit had a $92 million selling in box office, which is the other “12 Angry Men-inspired film” with great actors and praises.


8. Conspiracy (2001)

Conspiracy (2001)

  • 1h 36min
  • Genres: Biography, Drama
  • Director: Frank Pierson
  • Writer: Loring Mandel
  • Stars: Clare Bullus, Stanley Tucci, Simon Markey
  • Country: United States, nited Kingdom
  • Summary: At the Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942, senior Nazi officials meet to determine the manner in which the so-called “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” can be best implemented.

Looking for a justice system in movies similar to “12 Angry Men”? This is the other great but underrated film that is inspired by our favorite movie of all time.

It has a classic set and includes shocking scenes for the drama. The firmly wound and edgy atmosphere of the movie and the arguments that drive each side resemble 12 angry men who is effective in thought.

Only naming the cast might encourage you to give this movie a try. Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, Rosamund Pike, and Embeth Davidtz.


9. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)

  •  2h 3min
  • Genres: Drama, Western
  • Director: John Ford
  • Writer: James Warner Bellah, Willis Goldbeck, Dorothy M. Johnson
  • Stars: John Wayne, James Stewart, Vera Miles
  • Country: United States
  • Summary: A senator returns to a Western town for the funeral of an old friend and tells the story of his origins.

Screenplays are Willis Goldbeck and James Warner Bellah’s alliance with the director John Ford created one of the other classic masterpieces.

This is the last 12 angry men similar movies and its story begins with James Stewart attending the memorial of a man whom John Wayne plays in a small town.

After a local newspaper editor suspected why a senator would attend the funeral of a poor man, the received is the beginning of the adventure.

This movie is based on “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” by Dorothy M. Johnson.



Seeking for top courtroom movies, you can find a list of 9 great movies like 12 Angry Men, and if you want to see more social justice films, we have gathered this selection for your attention.

Do you have any other movies in mind that we did not bring to this list?

Or have you watched any of these Legal thriller films? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comment section.

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    I’ve seen all these movies like 12 Angry Men. But let’s admit that 12 Angry Men is much better than all the movies on this list and similar movies. Do you agree?

  2. Sepehr says:

    If I wanna talk about my thoughts on 12 angry men, The masterpiece of screenwriter Reginald Rose (who surprisingly did not win an Oscar) is that he was able to overcome this difficult dilemma. The issue is not just changing the characters, but introducing the characters, their complexities, and the complexes and inner thoughts that should be gradually revealed through their reactions and dialogues. From this point of view, the film can be considered a full-fledged screenwriting training class.

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