Irreversible movie review & analysis (2002)

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Director: Gaspar Noé

Wrtier: Gaspar Noé,

Stars: Monica Bellucci Vincent Cassel Albert Dupontel


Summary: Events over the course of one traumatic night in Paris unfold in reverse-chronological order as the beautiful Alex is brutally raped and beaten by a stranger in an underpass tunnel.

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Irreversible Review

Here we’re going to review Irreversible 2002, Gaspar Noé second feature-length film. The reverse narrative structure of this movie is rare in the history of cinema. Gaspar Noé, the famous Argentinian director who made most of his movies in France, made critics and moviegoers interested in his second movie. We’ll introduce and review this movie below.

irreversible tunnel scene

The story of this movie revolves around three characters Alex, Marcus, and Pierre who go to a party. Alex, leaves the party, due to feeling sick and not being able to stand the crowded and messed up party they’re attending. On the way home, in a subway station, she gets raped by a man (irreversible tunnel scene). The brutally portrayed 9-minute rape scene of Alex, played by Monica Bellucci, is undoubtedly disturbing for all the viewers. But the elegance and intelligence of Gaspar Noé in picturing this event is unique. When Alex stretches out her fisted hands towards the camera as if she is asking the audience for help on the silver screen. The ultimate effect of this plan is also properly placed in the drama and as a result of this rape, Alex goes into a coma. When Marcus finds out what has happened, he searches for the rapist, and by the end of the movie, he takes his revenge by portraying even more violence than the rape scene.

Irreversible movie review & analysis (2002)

In the review of the 2002 movie Irreversible, we can say that the main basis of the film is human relations. Relations that sometimes with complete cruelty lead to an assault, and sometimes as a result of a friendship, lead to brutal violence. The film is full of Freudian conversations. In this movie, Noé examines everything from a sexual point of view. By making Irreversible, Noé put himself on a one-way street in which there is no turning back for it, in cinema. This puts him alongside other crazy filmmakers.‌‌

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Birth and Death in the Gaspar Noé works

Birth and death are the background of all his movies and this matter always concerns the director. This should be noticed for reviewing the 2002 film Irreversible. Because at the end of the movie (the beginning of the story and before the three friends go to the party), Alex finds out she is pregnant. Although this issue is not directly mentioned until the last minutes of the film, it affects every single incident of it. This time, the baby who dies before birth, in his mother’s womb, is not directly killed by his father (referring to “I Stand Alone 1998”) the main reason for the baby’s death is the rape of the mother. With a closer look, it can be said that the scenario in Gaspar Noé first movie is repeated in Irreversible. Because Marcus blames himself for his negligence and therefore looks for the rapist. The events in the reverse process of the film show that Alex is upset by Marcus’s lack of attention for her, and maybe Alex’s pregnancy has a great impact on her expectations from Marcus.

Irreversible movie review & analysis (2002)

In the last shot of the 2002 film Irreversible, Alex is lying on the grass in the park and happily watches the kids playing. A world full of passion and joy and in contrary with the entire process of the movie. Noé intelligently narrates his thoughts and imagination in the last shot of the movie. He believes that the happy, romantic, and childish world is dead to the adults who are involved in relationships, expectations, and sexual desires, and even worse, this childish world is murdered by the aggression of lawbreakers who lack a sense of humanity.

Reverse narrative

The irreversible script has created a unique event and the reverse storyline tells the story of one night until morning and is arranged in such a precise and orderly way that makes it easy for the audience to follow the events. At first glance, you might think, Gaspar Noé hasn’t done anything special, he wrote the screenplay and then moved the events. But if you pay attention to the movie, you will be amazed by the elements that reverse the story. Noé has correctly put some elements together, including the name of a person, a club, and so on, and as a result, the audience does not miss the story for a moment and follows the clues until it reaches the violent end of the movie.‌‌

Irreversible movie review & analysis (2002)

It’s not easy to watch Irreversible 2002. A film that sorts everything out with the audience from the very beginning. Noé obviously tells his audience in the very beginning minutes of the movie that they’re not going to watch beautiful and enjoyable images in his film. On the contrary, watching this nerve-wracking movie is supposed to overwhelm every viewer. This is Noé cinematic style and taste. He artistically portrays the ugliness of this world to impress his audience, and honestly, Irreversible is one of the most influential movies in the history of cinema.‌‌

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Irreversible Ending Explained:

The three are close friends now, despite the possibility of some conflict in the past. Alex enjoys her relationship with Marcus. She likes to spend time reading in parks. The film’s very last scene is this one.

How disturbing is Irreversible?

Additionally, it wasn’t only about the rape scene: When Marcus (Vincent Cassel) goes through a gay bar to hunt the attacker, there is a very gruesome murder and a volley of derogatory remarks are exchanged. The entire narrative of Irréversible is nasty; this is Noé at his most unafraid of confrontational best.

What is the point of Irreversible movie?

In addition to harshly criticizing the way that violence against women has been portrayed in pornographic movies, “Irreversible” also exposes how our society sexualizes women and treats them like victims when they are subjected to cruel treatment at the hands of males.

Is Irreversible played in reverse?

The narrative is presented in reverse chronological sequence, with each scene occurring prior to the one that comes before it.

Is Irreversible a masterpiece?

Irréversible, a story recounted backward, is sometimes hailed as a masterpiece, yet it’s not at all enjoyable. Its egregious portrayal of sexual violence (told in a 9-minute uncomfortable sequence) is so revolting that it drew a mixed response from viewers and critics.

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2 responses to “Irreversible movie review & analysis (2002)”

  1. Jason says:

    I found the film Irreversible to be a disturbing and thought-provoking cinematic experience. The film’s director, Gaspar Noé, is known for his unflinching portrayal of violence and sexuality, and Irreversible is no exception. The film’s most notorious scene is a nine-minute rape sequence, which is shot in one long, unbroken take. This scene is undeniably brutal and graphic, and it is sure to shock and disturb viewers.

    However, I believe that this scene is essential to the film’s overall message. Irreversible is a film about violence, revenge, and the destructive power of trauma. The rape scene is not merely a piece of shock value; it is a central event in the film’s narrative, and it has a profound impact on the characters involved.

  2. jeremy says:

    irreversible tunnel scene is one of the most shocking violent scenes in the history of cinema. A sequence that is difficult to watch. Gaspar Noe was able to convey this disturbing scene to the audience.

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